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Your Ultimate Guide to a Successful Job Hunt, from the HR Lady

Hi job seeker! Perhaps you are considering entering the exciting, yet sometimes stressful world of job hunting. I’d like to invite you to explore some tips that hopefully will make the search a bit less stressful. Whether this is your first-time job hunting or you are simply looking to make a change, navigating the job market can be complex. I've got you covered with a few great tips as you begin this journey. 

Teaching Kids the Basics of Money

Understanding the basics of money from an early age sets the foundation for responsible financial habits that can last a lifetime. As a parent or guardian, tackling the topic of money with your child can be intimidating, but you don’t have to do it alone! We’re here to help you make financial education fun and engaging. Check out these kid-friendly ways to help kids begin to grasp the basics of money:

Protecting Loved Ones from Elder Abuse

Let's talk about something important called financial abuse. Financial abuse happens when someone takes or misuses another person's money or belongings for someone else's benefit. It's like when a person you know, like a neighbor, caregiver, or even a family member, takes money without asking, doesn't pay back money they owe, charges too much for services, or doesn't do what they promised to do. This kind of abuse can be especially bad for older people, and it's sometimes called elder abuse.

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